Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Cart Utility Wagon

Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Cart Utility Wagon

Hanlon Wholesale and Custom supply:It folds up easily and quickly, has a cover, and also a place to put the hard bottom inside the cover.

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  • Size:117*50*52cm/
  • Material of frame: Steel frame
  • Material of fabric: 600D double denier polyester fabric
  • Wheel: 7″(dia.)x 4″(width)
  • Load capacity: 80KGS
  • Side cross tubes:Dia 25*Dia 10*0.8mm
  • Horizontal tubes:Dia 13*Dia 13*0.8mm /Dia 10*Dia 10*0.8mm
  • Handlebar tubes:Dia 13*0.8mm
  • Hight of handlebar :76cm
  • Storage sleeve included

It easily fit beach umbrella, two adult beach chairs, sand toys, soft-sided cooler, and odds and ends. The collapsible feature meant it took up relatively little space in the back of our SUV, and that was very welcome. The wheels handled reasonably well on beach sand. You still had to put some oomph into it, but the wheels turned most of the time

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Dimensions89 × 41 × 60 cm


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